Happy to announce that  for the first time we start our Christmas competition of overview videos dedicated to #Graviex and its coin #GIO and their benefits. More information can be found here.


We start the era of POS-mining for our GIO on Graviex. More information can be found here


GIO swap has been held  with ratio 100 old GIO : 1 new GIO.  The coin has also been transferred onto POS-technology which reduces a hell of risks common for most non-POS altcoins. More information you can find here.


Our congrats to the 1st winner @skhafif in our Halloween competition:


Dear Friends! At the noon of Halloween we announce a creepy competition! Send over here your the creepiest pics of  coin project logos (coin must be listed on Graviex)  and the winner will get 1 LTC! The competition will start on Monday (October, 28) and will finish on Thursday (October, 31). Everyday since Tuesday we define and announce the winner, i.e. we’ll have 3 winners! Let’s have some fun!


Graviex is glad to represent our new feature Trading Bots. They can greatly ease the task of trading under the same price conditions even when the Customer is offline. 

Dear Friends! 


We are glad to inform that upon results of our recent survey, where all Graviex users had a chance to take part, we start implementing the most long-awaited features and here are some  great news:

  •  We totally redeveloped the landing page of our site and added some essential information:
    •  Crypto-world newsfeed;
    •  Comparative analyses for the list of hot markets;
    •  Daily exchange turnover and last dividends paid out.  
  •  From now on the referral program is available for everybody: all current and new customers can see their referral code in their profile menu. Hurry up to share it! 



Dear Customer! 

We are happy to announce that 7 day trade competition has started at 00:00 GMT of 9th September.

50 top BTC traders of the this week will get prize of 3 LTC. The amount will be shared as follows: 0.15 LTC for top 10 traders, 0.05 LTC for next 20, and 0.025 LTC for the rest 20 traders.

Here you can follow the current list of lucky 50 traders! Have not found your name in the list? Hurry to trade more and get your prize!


Dear Customer! 

In accordance with GRAVIEX Delisting policy the following coins will be DELISTED after Aug 08, 2019: 

ARGO (Argo), BLS (Blisscoin), ZACA (Zacacoin), EXPO (Expocashcoin), ZMG (Zminingcoin), FLX (Flexinodescoin), GDM (Geldumcoin), B2X (Segwit2xcoin), DNZ (Adenzcoin), DRL (Daralcoin), ECP (Ecopaycoin), UMB (Umbracoin), C3X (Conn3xcoin), DCO (Dropcoin), WIK (Wikicoin), OPN (Openbitcoin), VICE (Vicecoin), NXG (Nodexchangecoin), PEG (Pegasuscoin), CCH (Citicashcoin), FURY (Furycoin), ALCUP (Alphacupcoin), ETFX (Ethereumfxcoin) 

All Users assets in these coins, available on their accounts on the date of delisting, will be burnt.

Please, do your best to complete all your operations with these coins till Aug 08, 2019 and withdraw it from Graviex to elsewhere. 

Trading will be closed at Aug 01, 2019


Great News! The team released v1.0.60 of our Graviex mobile application. We are happy to introduce ALGORITHMIC Trading module! It is only beginning but already now you can take advantage of:

  • Buying GIO for daily BTC dividends
  • Fixed price (buy\sell price levels with volume limits)


Dear GRAVIEX Customers! The safety and security of your funds have always been our top priority. Due to the number of break-ins of other exchanges, which happened recently, we made a decision to transfer a part of the main crypto funds from the "hot wallet" to the "cold wallet".


A new night color theme has been added!


A new feature has been added: now you can export your GRAVIEX trade logs into ‘.csv’ files for your tax reports ( )!


This week was rich for updates aimed to improve user's experience with Graviex web-interface:

  • Newcomers and GRAVIEX friends got the option to know more about the exchange interface in our new Quick How-To Tour by  clicking on the GRAVIEX logo in the upper left for review! 
  • Graviex web-interface was optimized for mobile web-browsers Chrome and Safari:
    • Vertical layout of the trading interface (screen rotation supported);
    • To call up the list of Markets, tap on the GRAVIEX icon or the market header in the upper left;
  • No page refreshing needed when you’re changing a market (not enabled yet);
  • The order calculator improved: input any amount regardless the rest sum on your account (and check the box to limit your calculations);
  • The default market sorting  has been changed;
  • The list of market trades has been corrected;
  • No pop-up windows when navigating your profile menu;
  • The depth of the order book has been increased;
  • A hint icon has been added in the deposit menu;


Today In full accordance with Roadmap of Graviex mobile application app Graviex developers team finally released iOS version of our mobile application


We are proud to inform, that after our announcement, made for Cryptopia based coin holders, Graviex has already listed 3 (!) first coin projects from #Cryptopia community. Meet & welcome  to trade #Peng coin,  #Trezar coin, and #BolivarCoin!


One more great news for today! The long-awaited Faucets are enabled on Graviex: ! Hurry up to start using it!


In view of Cryptopia Exchange troubles and a significant number of coin-projects affected, we’d like to sustain these coin communities and  offer to apply for Listing on Graviex (to claim yourself, please, put a link to #CMC for your coin in comments to this twit). All these projects will guaranteedly have the fastest due-diligence (in 24h) and the most favorable terms of listing.


Android Beta-version Release #0.2 of Graviex Mobile application 

In full accordance with Roadmap of Graviex mobile application app Graviex developers team made a release #0.2 of Graviex android app today! Now it is a fully functional mobile application with the following options: 

  • Deposits/Withdrawals, including fiat (clickable TxID)
  • Fingerprint transactions confirmation 
  • Notifications
  • Simple trading UI

iOS fans should wait a bit since the release of the app version for iPhones is scheduled for February 2019.  Click to know more about the app and even become a part of the team of testers.


 We are glad to represent one more communication channel with Graviex Support team + news channel in the most popular messenger Discord. Click here to follow the news and have the option promptly to solve any issue. 


From 12.27.18 to 01.15.19 we are airdropping referral codes, which give all Graviex Customers the chance to receive a constant (!) revenue from your other referrals. More information about the terms of the airdrop can be found here.


STLC trading competition announced!  

From December 22 to January 22, the most active traders of STLC coin will share the prize fund of 10,000 STLC:

  • 1st place - 2500 STLC
  • 2 place - 2000 STLC
  • 3rd place - 1500 STLC
  • 4th place - 1000 STLC
  • 5-10 place - 500 STLC


Android Beta-version Release #0.1 of Graviex Mobile application 

Almost on Christmas eve we are happy to present the beta-version of our long-awaited Android Graviex mobile app! Click to know more about the app and even become a part of the team of testers.


VICE trading competition announced!  

Anyone, who will buy 500 VICE or more  from 19 till 26 December 10:00UTC,  will become a participant of VICE trading competition and will be rewarded as follows:

  • 1st place - 100 VICE
  • 2nd - 75 VICE
  • 3d-  50 VICE
  • 4th - 40 VICE
  • 5th -  30VICE

All other participants will get 2 VICE!  Don’t miss it!


General Graviex trading competition policy

Graviex management developed and approved the following General Trading competition policy: 

  • Graviex reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or Competition Rules at our sole discretion.
  • Effective trading volume refers to total buys and sells (excluding wash (self) trades).
  • Graviex reserves the right to disqualify trades which are deemed to be wash trades or display attributes of market manipulation.
  • Rewards will be issued within 2 weeks after the competition ends.

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Graviex can not be responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of the trading competition. Please make your investments with caution.


ORM (OriumOfficial) trading competition on GRAVIEX! 

450’000 ORM  prize pool! Buy more ORM on BTC or ETH markets during 17-24 December and 11 winners will get: 

  • 100k for the 1st place, 
  • 50k for 2-6 places
  • 20k prize for 7-11 places!

Hurry up to take part!