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GRAVIEX Delisting policy

1) In accordance with GRAVIEX Listing policy, GRAVIEX officials expect to be informed by developers of cryptocurrencies about any amendments such as updates, forks, changing of an explorer address, a.s.o., made and applied in their blockchain.

2) GRAVIEX weekly reviews all cryptocurrencies on the Exchange to ensure all of them are consistent with GRAVIEX listing policy.

3) GRAVIEX reserves the right to remove any cryptocurrency or market from its Exchange for any of the following reasons:

  • Violation of the terms of GRAVIEX Listing Policy, including insufficient trading volume on the exchange;
  • Blockchain becomes defective, resulting in not receiving funds withdrawn by  users from GRAVIEX;
  • Cryptocurrency is no longer supported by its developers;
  • Developers are late or cease notifying about any amendments such as updates, forks, changing of the explorer address, etc, made and applied in their blockchain;
  • Developers fail to provide links for updates before any of the amendments are applied;
  • Poor implementation of a cryptocurrency blockchain software, resulting in failures to receive funds by users and consequently demands frequent updates (more than 2 during 30 days period);
  • A cryptocurrency site, topics, and other  cryptocurrency information resources do not provide the link to GRAVIEX.

4) Upon detecting one of the reasons for delisting a cryptocurrency, GRAVIEX shall notify all users via the notification system on the trade page and the market page.

5) If a cryptocurrency is marked for delisting, it will be delisted in 14 days. Under extraordinary circumstances GRAVIEX reserves the right,  in its sole discretion, to immediately delist a cryptocurrency.

6) After the notification, users, who own the named cryptocurrencies, ought to withdraw them before the posted withdrawal deadline.

DISCLAIMER: GRAVIEX is not liable to any users’ losses sustained in case of circumstances under which a user for any reason is late to withdraw the funds before the deadline or  fails to withdraw the funds due to events outside of GRAVIEX’s control (such as broken blockchain, unavailable nodes, etc.).