Christmas Video competition 2020   

Dear Graviex Friends!

We are happy to announce that our Christmas competition of overview videos dedicated to #Graviex and its coin #GIO and their benefits is over! 

The prize pool is awesome  10 LTC (more than 1000 USD)!!! 

 All participants  posted their videos on Youtube since 16:30 UTC of December 25, 2020 till 16:30 UTC of January 19, 2021 based on the following conditions: 

 • Video duration is not less than 2 minutes;

 • The video description contains links to Graviex ( and its Twitter (

 • The link to the video is reported through reviewers’ tweets which must contain the hashtag: #Graviexvideo2020;

 • Retweets of this tweet is much appreciated;

 • Video review languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese.  

On January, 19th at 16:30 UTC, 3 reviewers of the most relevant videos (in our personal opinion) were rewarded as follows: 

 • 1st prize – 5 LTC;

 • 2nd - 3 LTC;

 • 3d - 2 LTC.

The prizes went to:

1st prize: and its video

2nd prize: and its video

3d prize: and its video


Our current leaders (by appearance order):

  1. link to video:
  2. link to video:
  3. link to video: