GRAVIEX Mobile Application. Roadmap

We are ready to release our short-term plans about GRAVIEX.APP development.

Release 0.1 - Dec 2018

  • GRAVIEX Account linkage (using internal QR code scanner) 
  • Market list updated in the real-time mode with the following functionality:
    • Main list with market and base unit details (including: wallet info, base unit volumes)
    • Market group switch (grouped by quote units)
    • Option to mark/unmark favorite markets
    • Markets search by name
    • Option to sort by market name or by volume in quote units or a price change

  • Market data (updating in real-time) with
    • Main market parameters (current price, volumes, changes & etc)
    • Simple candlestick chart with volumes and scale selection
    • Order book

  • Ordering
    • Buy and sell sections with option to enter price, volume and with option to control your funds (available amounts, fees) and put appropriate order
    • Order book with options to calculate required funds to buy and\or sell
    • My orders (with options to sort by price and date/time and to cancel one or more orders at the same time)
    • Depth chart
    • Market trades with “my trades” marks and with option to select only "my trades"

Note: Deposits and Withdrawals will be processed in the web app till release 0.2

Release 0.2 - Jan 2019

  • A wallet to proceed deposits and withdrawals
  • Simple trading UI
  • Push notifications 
  • iOS support (est. Jan.-Feb.)

Release 0.3 - May 2019

  • Simple In-market algorithmic trading strategies

Release 0.4 - July 2019

  • Advanced In-market algorithmic trading strategies

Release 0.5 - Sept 2019

  • Cross-markets algorithmic trading based on assets chains and static arbitrage

Release 0.6 - Nov 2019

  • Stop-loss\take-profit order types
  • Market orders

Note: We are going to make roadmap adjustments periodically due to the project progress and priority changes.