GRAVIEX Dividends

GRAVIEX Exchange is a fastly growing innovative service. We are expanding our service and are ready to share our profit with those loyal who believe that together we will achieve the best.

We are happy to announce that any our client can become a GRAVIEX partner and receive dividends in BTC coin from BTC turnover on the GRAVIEX Exchange. All you need is to deposit GIO on your GRAVIEX account. There are 2 ways to acquire it: 

  1. To purchase GIO on  

  2. Via mining on

Dividends Calculation is formulated as follows:   

Profit = ((Trading volume within BTC market * percentage rate of dividends) / 

                       total value of gained coins) 

                                    * quantity of available coins at your GIO account

Please, noice:  minimum GIO contract amount = 10 GIO

Calculation of dividends depending upon a user’s GIO balance is processed every hour during  the first 5 minutes of an hour. Thus, if GIO is available at a user’s account during the first 5 minutes of an hour and the option of dividend receipt is enabled, the dividends will be calculated for your profit. If you have sold out or withdrawn some GIO during the first 5 minutes of an hour, the dividends will be calculated only for the rest of your balance. Please notice: it refers only to the part which is not locked in orders a user placed.   

BTC acquired as calculated dividends is deposited at a trade account once a day (the amount to be deposited is not less than 0,1 satoshi).    

Moreover, instead of dividends receipt, an option of 50% trade fee discount is also available for our Graviex partners. Switching between dividend receipt  and the discount can be put into effect not more often than once per 72 hours. 

Statistics of dividend distribution is available under the tab Dividends (follow the link to enable the option).