GRAVIEX Trade Rules

Graviex Administration reserves the right to change fee and discount values, change, add or remove parts and terms of  the present document at any time at its sole discretion. 

Please, notice: one of Graviex features is  the order price step equal 0.1 sat = 0.0000 0000 1 step to provide an option for flexible pricing.

Orders volume limits

To stop numerous manipulations with orders and its amounts Graviex has enabled the minimal limit for an order volume:

  • Order can be placed if its total Volume is equal or more than 0.000050000 (5000 satoshi)

  • For fulfillment of the order the trade fee must be not less than 0.000000100 (10 satoshi)


  • 1$ is a minimal volume of an order for all USD and USDT markers.
  • Once a day you can sell the rest of your coin amount disregarding any minimal volume of the order (total volume must be more than 0.1 sat) if the name of this coin is marked in Red in the trading interface (near Buy/Sell buttons).

Orders quantity limits

  • You can't place more than 10 Orders in a row for the same market.