GRAVIEX Mobile Application. Review v0.1

We are happy to inform that we have started to develop GRAVIEX mobile application - GRAVIEX.APP - which will make trading process easy, user-friendly, and plain. It will let you keep your finger on the pulse of market news and not to miss any good piece of business.

So we are ready to share our first functional review. First of all, we should admit that we have analyzed our business colleagues’ experience in this field and took their best features and practices.

Basically, GRAVIEX.APP is a classic application for trading crypto-assets. On the main (the first) screenshot you see the list of markets providing information about coin wallets and their statuses.   

Having pressed a correspondent line (market), a new window with trading interface will pop up where you can trade - trading UI. We suppose to have a few types of trading UI:

  • Common users
  • Trading enthusiasts
  • Professional traders
  • Investment managers 

On the screenshot below you see an interface suitable for common users whose simple goal is buying or selling their coins. 

The correspondent asset balances are presented here, the simple interface lets place a “quick” order. Meanwhile a user will have control only over an amount of coins for selling, its average price will be re-calculated depending on the market situation (price level and quantity of orders in the order book).

On the screenshot below you see an interface  suitable mostly for trading enthusiasts and professional traders

The screen is splitted into two parts: charts and market details in correspondence with a market order book or market trades. It first and foremost helps to evaluate a market situation. Buttons “Buy” and “Sell” are statically presented in the bottom part of the screen, meanwhile charts and order book content can be scrolled up and down. 

In the upper right part of the screenshot you can see a robot icon. It means that one or a number of automatic trading strategies are enabled for this market.

Having tapped “Buy” or “Sell” button, you will be switched to a window where all trading actions are made: order control (placing, cancelling), review and analysis of placed and historical orders, settings of automatic or semi-automatic trading strategies, i.e. programming a robot assisting you to trade effectively. 

One of our long-term goals is development a number of profitable trading strategies which will become a basis of algorithmic trading to be proposed for our users. Such algorithmic  trading will not be enabled for all markets. The reason lies within special aspects which will form a basis of our strategies. For instance, we are going to implement and apply a static arbitrage based on the chained crypto-assets.

Setting up a strategy on one (chosen) market will take just a few inputs of simple values: choosing one or a few strategies, a coin amount, risk and/or profit level. To take advantage of more profitable strategies, based on the static arbitrage, you will need to apply for the robot settings which are represented on the screen with main list of markets (see above). Here you can use one of the ready chains (templates) or build your own. 

On the screen below you can see the in-market strategies. Here you can setup one or more strategies from available presets. Also you can quickly start/stop corresponding strategy just in one tap.

And so we want to invite you to discuss the functionality of the developed application in order to try to take into account your wishes as much as possible.

Welcome to discussion -