Dear GIO holders! 

We  know only strong believers have stayed with us and we do appreciate your patience!  Our coin team has done a huge work to boost security of Graviocoin (#GIO) coin. 

Now we are proud to announce:

  •  GIO has been transferred onto POS-technology which reduces a hell of risks common for most non-POS altcoins. 
  •  we continue our famous dividend program for GIO holders. All its terms and conditions will remain the same. 

Please, also notice the following:

  • the swap ratio is 100 old GIO : 1 new GIO
  • old GIO which will be unavailable on Graviex accounts at the moment of swap will be burnt.
  • the swap will start on 2nd December, 2020.

Here are some more details how we will proceed with the swap and further actions:

  1. After closing GIO wallet we will accumulate all your GIO coins on the same address: 2MdtE8fZCnR4NbygwJyPe8YYkBaZ9AXZNCF  Here you can watch the collecting process: 
  2. We will replace your old GIO with new one in accordance with the above specified ratio.
  3. We will distribute new GIO back on holders' addresses which will be also automatically re-generated for new ones. 
  4. We will restart GIO wallet and resume trading on all GIO markets. 

The swap is OVER!

    INFO for Graviocoin miners

  • source code:
  • graviocoin desktop wallet installation and staking guide:
  • explorer:
  • algorithm - PoS
  • new block time - 2 minutes
  • confirmation number - 6
  • block size - 2 MiB
  • no PoS-pool on Graviex at the moment (staking in Graviocoin cold wallet)
  • block reward - 5 GIO
  • minimal balance amount to get reward  - 50 GIO
  • maturity period - 100 blocks
  • minimal confirmations for stake - 225
  • halfing - every 500 000
  • next halfing - in 170 000 blocks (valid for December, 4th 2020)
  • circulating supply - 13 924 482 GIO
  • total supply - 17 274 482 GIO